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The truth hurts

April 29, 2008

Sometimes the funny hurts a little bit.

Thanks to DB and SA



January 22, 2008

Man, I wish my company did this poorly last year, I could use a couple extra bucks.


This week’s episode of American Smart-Ass

July 9, 2007

Three (slightly inane and overly critical) comments regarding the malfunctioning elevator at work:


1. As long as there is more than one elevator, you don’t really need the ‘Out of Service’ sign. By its very nature, it’s inoperative state forces us to use the next car.

2. While I might be convinced to concede the logic of the ‘Out of Service’ sign, the second part is absolutely unnecessary. I have no choice, I have to use the next car. Sure, it would be awesome if we had a fire pole or a rope ladder but I’m really kinda stuck with whatever shows up when I press the down button.

3. And finally, we don’t really need further notice when the elevator works is fixed. I press the button; the door opens, I’m going to assume the car works.


Vietnamese Soup

April 10, 2007

Lunch conversation with Denny at my desk:

Me: “What about Kurt? Is he coming.”
Denny: “No, he’s going for Pho, but I don’t want to stand in that queue.”
Me: “Huh? (pause) Oh (Laughing). The Pho-queue.”

Clever, clever Denny


St Patrick’s Day

March 16, 2007

One of the HR ladies just came by my desk and dropped off a couple of St Patrick’s Day trinkets. There’s a green bubble blowing thingy and a green fortune cookie.

I appreciate the sentiment but I have a couple of issues (don’t I always?).

1. The fortune from my cookie said, ‘Irish for a Day’. No matter how you spin it, that’s not a fortune. If you give me a fortune cookie, it better have a fortune.

2. I’m a big fan of Multiculturalism, but St Patrick’s Day Fortune Cookies? I don’t know a ton about Irish history but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t involve a lot of Chinese cuisine. Maybe a bag of Green Potato Chips, but Fortune Cookies? Or what about a nice cold pint of Guiness?



March 9, 2007

I’m going to miss my old job.

Great people, good location, nice atmosphere.

I definitely have my complaints but I’m thankful of the opportunity to work there, it’s been a hell of a run.

And I sure will miss my office.

Office Junk

And the views out of my window.


Space Needle

Olympics Dusk


New Gig

March 8, 2007

I start a new job next Monday, March 12th.

I am going back to a company that I worked for when I first moved to Seattle. Last time around, I really liked the industry but I hated the company. After a year of long hours, late night phone calls and daily shouting matches, I finally decided to quit even though I didn’t have a new job.

But after that I did some consulting work with them that I really enjoyed. Then some friends and I started looking into ways to start our own company in a similar line of work. Things were moving along nicely when we hit a huge snag. The aforementioned company called in the lawyers and produced the Non-Compete agreements a few of the guys were still under. With barely enough money to get started, let alone fight a legal battle, we quickly caved. It’s a shame, we had a good amount of momentum.

Then about three months ago, I got an email from  Someone was asking for the details of my resume. I was a little shocked because I didn’t even realize my resume was active as I hadn’t been looking for jobs for almost two years.

I logged on to Dice and found it was my old company asking for my resume. I went ahead and released it thinking, “Well, that’ll entertain them”. The last time we’d spoken it had been via their attorney so I was relatively sure they wouldn’t be interested.

Well, they were.

In fact, they were really interested.

Long story short, I have a new job.

I’m kinda nervous because it’s a complex job that demands a lot. But I’m also excited. It’s a cool job, at least in terms of an IT job. I mean, it’s not cool like being a Lion Tamer, Stunt Pilot or Hand Model, but it’s still cool.

And maybe I’m a sucker for going back.

We’ll soon see.