This week’s episode of American Smart-Ass

July 9, 2007

Three (slightly inane and overly critical) comments regarding the malfunctioning elevator at work:


1. As long as there is more than one elevator, you don’t really need the ‘Out of Service’ sign. By its very nature, it’s inoperative state forces us to use the next car.

2. While I might be convinced to concede the logic of the ‘Out of Service’ sign, the second part is absolutely unnecessary. I have no choice, I have to use the next car. Sure, it would be awesome if we had a fire pole or a rope ladder but I’m really kinda stuck with whatever shows up when I press the down button.

3. And finally, we don’t really need further notice when the elevator works is fixed. I press the button; the door opens, I’m going to assume the car works.


One comment

  1. Point number 3.

    Not me. I’m not climbing on that baby until I see some proof that somebody fixed it. I don’t want to get on the 86th floor and find out that the door won’t open.

    There’s nothing I hate worse than having to pull a Bruce Willis and climb out the top of an elevator car.

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