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The Original Grand Turismo

July 18, 2007

Sometime in the late 70’s, the French Director, Claude LeLouche, made a short film, Rendezvous, that mostly consists of a (illegal) high-speed drive through Paris at dawn. He was arrested after the film was released but the Commissaires only held him for a couple of hours.

The film is a breath-taking drive. The high-speeds down the wider boulevards is cool but the slower drive through the twisted streets is much better. The engine noise when the driver downshifts is almost musical.

Of course, if someone had been killed in the filming, I’d probably be singing a different song.

Rendezvou, by Claude LeLouche

I made a similar film in my Dad’s ‘78 Olds Delta 88 back in Monrovia that was almost as exciting. We didn’t have a camera or a camera mount so we had Eric Brown hang out the window with the video camera from the AV Room. The part where I barely missed Doug Baker’s dog, Brownie, would have made you jump out of your seat.  And the cruise down Car Wash Road was like something out of one of the better episodes of Dukes of Hazzard.

Unfortunately, my brother taped over it with a neighborhood dunk contest on an 8′ rim.


I guess he was worried about a scratch

March 26, 2007

I was trying to find a parking space at Home Depot this weekend and found this sweet truck parked diagonally across two spots.

Truck at Home Depot


Gizmondo’s Spectacular Crackup

February 19, 2007

Last year there was a story in the news of a spectacular car crash on the PCH in Southern California. An extremely rare Ferrari Enzo hit a telephone pole at around 200 mph and the driver walked away from the destroyed supercar with nothing but a few scratches.

Turns out, that’s only the tip of the story. The car crash was just a small part of a big, weird criminal enterprise. Check out the story here.

(link goes to Wired Magazine)