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The Pesto of Cities

May 18, 2008

From the Seinfeld rerun we watched tonight.

JERRY: I don’t like pesto.

GEORGE: Where was pesto 10 years ago?

❤ minutes of dialogue>

JERRY: He’s from a.. Yakima, right?

ELAINE: Seattle.

JERRY: Everybody’s moving to Seattle.

GEORGE: It’s the pesto of cities.



May 18, 2008

I only had one bike when I moved to Seattle and it ended up getting stolen.

So how did I end up with this collection of bikes in the garage?

Answer: Manny and Craigslist, Michele and three random bikes that were left in the basement by previous renters.


-Two Trek Mountain Bikes
-K2 Mountain Bike
-Schwinn Road Bike
-Scott Mountain BIke
-Kona Road Bike
-K2 BMX Bike
-Mongoose BMX Frame
-Motobecane Road Bike


Thank you Chris Matthews

May 17, 2008

You made my day.  What a Dumb Ass Gas Bag