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Foxy Tunes

April 4, 2007

If you use Firefox, Foxy Tunes is a great Add-On that will allow you to control your music player from within your browser.

Find it here.


Worst. Logo. Ever.

March 30, 2007

Or maybe it’s the best logo ever?  Do you think it was drawn that way on purpose?

(h/t to Clicked)


Make sure you bring a towel

March 29, 2007

Just for fun, go to Google Maps and ask for directions from New York, NY to Dublin, Ireland.

You’re going to need to be in awesome shape with some time to spare.

Not sure why they send you through France, though. Aren’t their beaches historically inhospitable?

(h/t to Boing Boing)



March 26, 2007

Blogging is temporarily suspended as I try and figure out my new toy.


PC vs MAC vs Linux

March 23, 2007

A laugh for all of my fellow computer geeks.


Do they deliver the messages via a holographic princess?

March 10, 2007

As long as it’s the R2D2 from the original three movies, not the R2 from the most recent ones.

And an aside for Mr Lucas.

Why?  Why did you make him fly George? Why?


Boeing Dreamlifter

March 5, 2007

My office has an amazing view out across Elliott Bay. Not only is it a great view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains but I also get to watch the myriad of planes on their approach into Boeing Field.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been able to watch as the new Boeing Large Cargo Freighter, the Dreamlifter, make its test flights as it awaits certification.

This monstrous airplane is a modified 747 that Boeing is going to use to ferry the pieces of their new passenger plane, the 787 Dreamliner, from the various factories around the world to Everett, WA, where the final assembly will take place.

The 787 is truly an international airplane. For example, the ailerons and flaps will be made in Australia, the wings in Japan, the landing gear from France and the horizontal stabilizers from Italy and that’s just the beginning. Boeing hopes the first flight for this plane happens later this year.

Here are a couple of shots of the Dreamlifter that I took out of my office window.


DreamLifter Closeup