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Customer Complaint Letter

June 28, 2007

A great customer complaint letter to American Airlines.  (If you dig down into this site you will find NSFW pictures).

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Accent Quiz

June 24, 2007

I took this online quiz last week to see what American accent I have. My results came back as a Midland Accent, the “default, lowest-common- denominator American accent.”

Wow. Default, lowest-common-denominator. Makes me feel real unique and special

And all of you who’ve commented on my ‘Southern Accent’? Your apology is accepted.


The Beauty of Photoshop

June 22, 2007

The Atrium at the Embassy Suites in Lower Manhattan.


Embassy Suites

And 9 or 10 mouse clicks later:

Embassy Suites 2


The Parents in Seattle

June 21, 2007

My Mom and Dad were out visiting for the past week. They left yesterday for a rendezvous with my Aunt and Uncle down in Portland. We were in full-on Tourist mode almost the entire time they were here. It was a little tiring but we had a great time. We asked them if they’d like to stay a little longer but they said, “Guests are like fish, they go bad in three or four days”.

If you’re interested, my Dad blogged (is blogging) their trip. This entry has some amazing pictures of some of the the Pacific Northwest’s volcanoes. And later on, since this isn’t a family friendly blog, I’ll post some pictures from the Fremont Parade.


Southpark JB

June 15, 2007

Beware Kemper when he has a new toy.


(composition by B Kemper)


Worst. Muffin. Ever

June 15, 2007

My parents are in town visiting. On Wednesday afternoon, they were wandering around Wallingford and stumbled across the Farmer’s Market. They ended up buying some fresh asparagus and for a quick snack, a muffin.

It was a $5.00, organic, whole grain, fair trade, free range muffin. Twenty-one grains. And somehow, the person who baked it was able to extract every last bit of taste from each one of those 21 grains while achieving a density usually reserved for cured meats. Amazing.



Interesting US Map

June 13, 2007

US Map_GDP Comparison

(click on the map to enlarge it)

This map of the US replaces each State’s name with a country whose GDP (Gross Domestic Product) closely matches the individual States GDP.

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