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“May you live in interesting times”

January 12, 2009

It hasn’t been the best year for my adopted home (I wonder if they ever got the paperwork?).  Everyone is taking their licks, but the Emerald City seems to have stumbled across a particularly nasty strain of the current downturn.

Sonics leave town

Mariners break record for most losses

Seahawks go 4 – 12

Huskies lay a huge egg

Washington Mutual goes under

Snowstorm paralyzes city

Massive Floods

and now

The Seattle PI is (likely) going to close down

It guess it could be worse.  We could be Detroit.


Death of a Snowman

January 5, 2009

You might as well cry because it looks like he won’t be back some day.  I just hope he wasn’t alone when it happened.

So Damned Sad

So Damned Sad



January 4, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

More Snow

It's snowing. Again.



December 26, 2008

Seattle doesn’t get much snow.  It’s rare when it happens and it’s usually an inch or two that quickly melts away.  Here are my blog posts (here and here) from the past two snowy days in Seattle.

As you can imagine, most people were excited when the forecast called for snow last Thursday.  Even more exciting was the fact they that got the actual forcast right!  Just as predicted, the snow began falling early Thursday morning.

And it didn’t stop.

For days.

In fact, it was snowing when I woke up this morning.

A day or two of snow is great.  A week plus, especially at Christmas, is a nightmare.  Steep hills, narrow streets and a lack of snow removal infrastrucure combined to paralyze the region.  Our neighborhood is still buried and every trip out by car is an adventure until we get to one of the main roads.

With all the pain, it’s still been fun.  The city looks beautiful with a full overcoat of snow and we’ve spent some quality time with our neighbors.  The local pubs are open and most people seem to be in a good mood regardless of the trials and tribulations of getting around.  And as you can imagine, the kids are having a blast.  Christmas Break and snow!

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures.

Abbey and her ball

Abbey and her ball

Meridan Park

Meridian Park

A few minutes after I took this picture, a Mother and her 6 year oldish daughter destroyed the snowman. The Mom knocked it down with a stick and the little girl jumped on and down on the body parts until they were all smashed.  I am not making this up.






Looking for a Hill

Looking for a Hill

Stuck in the Snowdrift

Stuck in the Snowdrift

And finally, my car stuck in a snow drift on Lake Washington Blvd.  It doesn’t look that bad but the drive wheel isn’t touching the ground.  Manny had to pull me out with his truck.


Mt Rainier

September 13, 2008

Michele and I took advantage of the great weather by taking a trip to Mt Rainier.

I have a confession to make. This is my first trip to Mt Rainier. I’ve skied at Crystal Mountain, which is on the edge of the park, but that is as close as I had been.

Around here, Mt Rainier is simply, The Mountain. It towers over the landscape. At 14,410 feet, it is the 20th tallest mountain in the US and the 5th tallest in the Lower 48. However, its topographic prominence, or the measure of how much a mountain stands above the landscape around it, is the 4th highest in North America.

We left Seattle around Noon and even with a 30 minute traffic jam, were at the National Park by 2:45 pm. We drove up to the Lake Mowich campground which is at 4929 feet. There were a couple sections of road that got my heart beating, with a 1000 foot drop and no guardrail, but besides that, it was an easy drive.

The pictures are from Mowich Lake and the Spray Park Waterfall. This area is ~4 miles and 10,000 feet from the summit of Mt Rainier.

On the Google Maps photo, Mowich Lake is marked in green and the Spray Falls Trail in red.

Oh yeah, did I mention the fact that Mt Rainier is an active volcano?  The last eruptions were in the 1940’s and were fairly minor.  The last major eruption was around 1000 years ago.


Wedding Pictures

September 8, 2008

Here are a couple of photos from the wedding.

We’ll upload the rest of them to a photo sharing site once we get them and I’ll post the link.  You can click each photo to enlarge.



August 17, 2008

Michele and I got married on August 9th. It was one of the best days of my life. Once I get some pictures, I’ll put them up along with a recap of the weekend.

Here’s a photo I stole from my Dad’s blog.



And a goofy video my sister made. Nothing like being reminded of some of my favorite haircuts.