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Ball State Cardinals

October 5, 2008

In the Top 25 for the first time ever.

I went to Grad School at Ball State.  Indiana is first in my heart, my alma mater, but I am still happy when BSU is doing well.

Though it still hurt when they beat us.


Euro 2008

June 20, 2008

Russia 3, Croatia 1

Russia beats Croatia on Penalty Kicks.

They were tied 1 – 1 when time ran out. The went to penalty kicks, best of five. After three rounds, Croatia was barely hanging on with one goal in three tries while while Russia was perfect a perfect three of three. The next round, Croatia goes first. They missed the goal, just outside to the right. Russia wins.

The pain in the Croatian players faces was overwhelming.

Wins and losses go deep here. In 1991, Croatia declared independence against Soviet backed Yugoslavia, leading to a four year war for independence. Fifteen years after independence, they’re playing the Russians in the semi-final.

Sometimes, it really is more than a game.

(also, ending on penalty kicks sucks)


Jimmy Chitwood

February 19, 2008

Indiana 77, Purdue 68.

Eric Gordon is going to be a very good basketball player but DJ White is already very good. And Purdue is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the next few years.

Just not tonight.

Oh and if you forgot the Fight Song, it’s:

Indiana, our Indiana
Indiana, we’re all for you!
We will fight for the cream and crimson
For the glory of old IU
Never daunted, we cannot falter
In the battle, we’re tried and true
Indiana, our Indiana,
Indiana we’re all for you! I-U!


IU Basketball

February 18, 2008

I’m just finished watching the IU – Michigan State Game from Saturday night (Tivo) and wow, Eric Gordon is good. Really good. Every once in a while, he shifts into a gear that’s two or three times faster than the other nine guys on the court.

But our coach is a crook.

And Purdue is in first place.


Wasn’t Stalin a USFL fan?

February 4, 2008

Damned Funny.

Awful. Tasteless. Insensitive.

But funny.

Thanks to Bob and Tom


The Seattle Seahawks and the 12th Man

January 6, 2008

Even the Washington Ferries are in on the act.

12th Man WSF

Quest field was designed to funnel the crowd noise towards the field and damn, when everyone starts yelling, it’s a loud-ass stadium.

(Arguably it’s louder than the RCA Dome, but the crowd is not nearly as saavy. Next time you watch a Colts game at home, listen to the crowd when the Colts have the ball. You won’t hear a thing.)


Jimmy Chitwood

January 2, 2008

Indiana University Men’s Basketball Team, undefeated in the Big Ten.