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The Incomparable Calvin and Hobbes

December 28, 2008


Originally Published 2/16/1992

Originally Published 2/16/1992

A larger version can be found here.

Thanks to Bill Watterson



December 26, 2008

Seattle doesn’t get much snow.  It’s rare when it happens and it’s usually an inch or two that quickly melts away.  Here are my blog posts (here and here) from the past two snowy days in Seattle.

As you can imagine, most people were excited when the forecast called for snow last Thursday.  Even more exciting was the fact they that got the actual forcast right!  Just as predicted, the snow began falling early Thursday morning.

And it didn’t stop.

For days.

In fact, it was snowing when I woke up this morning.

A day or two of snow is great.  A week plus, especially at Christmas, is a nightmare.  Steep hills, narrow streets and a lack of snow removal infrastrucure combined to paralyze the region.  Our neighborhood is still buried and every trip out by car is an adventure until we get to one of the main roads.

With all the pain, it’s still been fun.  The city looks beautiful with a full overcoat of snow and we’ve spent some quality time with our neighbors.  The local pubs are open and most people seem to be in a good mood regardless of the trials and tribulations of getting around.  And as you can imagine, the kids are having a blast.  Christmas Break and snow!

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures.

Abbey and her ball

Abbey and her ball

Meridan Park

Meridian Park

A few minutes after I took this picture, a Mother and her 6 year oldish daughter destroyed the snowman. The Mom knocked it down with a stick and the little girl jumped on and down on the body parts until they were all smashed.  I am not making this up.






Looking for a Hill

Looking for a Hill

Stuck in the Snowdrift

Stuck in the Snowdrift

And finally, my car stuck in a snow drift on Lake Washington Blvd.  It doesn’t look that bad but the drive wheel isn’t touching the ground.  Manny had to pull me out with his truck.


Teh Internets

December 22, 2008

I do love the Google.

Ever wonder about a Monkey in a Santa Suit?

Just ask Google.

Christmas Monkey


Open Mic Night

December 18, 2008

With Ingrid Michaelson on Bob and Tom.


And it smells like….

December 17, 2008

I finally sat down to read the aforementioned Maxim magazine.  A few pages after the the ad for Tony’s Ab Ripper but before the article on the Best Ways not to Meet Women, I stumbled across an ad for Ed Hardy Cologne, A Vintage Tattoo Inspired Fragrance.

Tattoo* inspired?  Does it smell like a poseur?  Or Hepatitis B?

(*Author’s note:  I have one tattoo and I still really like, 15 years after getting it.)



December 14, 2008

In Saturday’s New York Times, Bill McGraw, a columnist for the Detroit Free Press, has a short opinion piece related to the current discussion on bailing out the automotive industry.  The article, When the Cars go Away, is a bleak piece about the decaying Industrial complex that was once home to the Packard Car Company.  Even though the company closed down in 1956, the complex is still there, serving as a reminder of what may happen if one or more of the big three goes under.

After reading the article, I went to google maps to see if I could get an aerial view of the old factory.  After a few minutes of surfing, I was not only able to see a satellite view of the plant, but a street view of the old campus and the surrounding areas.

Click here for the satellite view

Click here for the street view

It’s not a pretty picture.  I talked to my Dad about it and he says most of Detroit is like this.  I can only imagine what it will be like when (not if) the next big car company goes under.


Open Mic Night…

December 10, 2008

…with Jake Shimabukuro.  A great version of My Guitar Gently Weeps, on Ukulele.