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Lite Blogging….

January 19, 2009

…..on account of Facebook. I resisted joining for over a year and now that I am on, I’m spending a lot of time surfing around, finding friends from all about.  It’s a real hoot.


At least he didn’t talk about screwing the cat

January 13, 2009

Henry Nichols is the founder of Broadcom, the integrated circuits manufacturer.  He is currently on the list list of Forbes richest 200 Americans with a fortune estimated to be over $2 Billion.

He’s a tough on crime kinda guy, donating millions to California ballot initiatives that attempt to strengthen the laws in the state.

Among other things, he’s also currently under indictment for felony drug distribution, conspiracy and securities fraud.

Recently, he’s been trying to keep a specific email he sent to his wife from being used as evidence.  And you know what? I don’t blame him.  If there was ever an email to fight for, it’s this one.


Now kids, if old Uncle Chuckling Monkey can just pass on one small bit of advice, it would be: DON’T SEND ANYTHING IN AN EMAIL THAT YOU WOULD NOT WANT TO BE SHOWN TO A ROOMFUL OF PEOPLE ON AN OVERHEAD PROJECTOR. In my current line of work, deep in the jungle, I see emails on a daily basis that astonish me.  Things that never should have been seen by anyone other that the author (and often not even them!) now exist in a hundred different places with attorneys drooling over the settlements they’ll bring.

(h/t to BoingBoing)


Financial WMDs

October 13, 2008

If you’re interested in an explanation of Derivatives and Credit Swaps, check out this podcast from the This American Life. It places no blame, it’s just an explanation. Well worth listening to.

Also, a few months back, I recommended a blog, Calculated Risk. Needless to say, I spend a lot more time there now-a-days. Check it out.


Calculated Risk

February 28, 2008

It seems that one side effect of turning 40 is my increased interest in finances and the economy. One of the blogs that feeds this low level addiction is Calculated Risk. Most of it is way over my head but I still find it worth checking into every couple of days.

(And if by chance, you go back in time and run across a twenty-something Chuckling Monkey, please don’t let him know about this. If he found out that he was going to turn into a guy that followed financial markets, I’d hate to see what rash decisions he may have made. But you could buy him a beer, I don’t think that would mess up the space time continuum)


Online Time Wasting

November 21, 2007

Another place to lose a few hours.

It’s a website that let’s you view the demographics of your zip code and then compare it with others.



November 12, 2007

So I was hanging out here, zoning out to the edits popping up all over the globe. After a couple of minutes of Library Science Voyeurism, including (and I’m not making this up) an edit from Decatur, Illinois on Erection, I click on the Inspired by Flickrvision link at the bottom of the page.

Great. Like I wasn’t wasting enough time online.



November 6, 2007

When I IM’d a guy at work with this link, he responded with a link to the video below.

“These dogs are more coordinated,” he wrote.