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Step away from the crack pipe……

August 22, 2007

The Lovely Amy Winehouse, after and before.

Amy Winehouse

Apparently she has some sort of fatigue problem that has forced her to postpone the American leg of her tour.

(While searching for links to this story, I came across this gem. Yep, she has a definite case of the fatigues.)

(h/t: Seattlest)


Happy Birthday Michele

July 2, 2007

Michele Beach

I hope 32 is a great year.



January 25, 2007

Last week I went and got my Drivers License renewed.

When I moved here in 2001, I went in to transfer my license from North Carolina and ended up flunking the test. I had even studied for the damn thing. I passed it the second time but to tell you the truth, none of the study materials were any help when it comes to driving in Seattle. Nothing about roundabouts, loading and unloading ferries, ridiculously narrow, steep streets or intersections sans stop or yield signs.

I drove up to the Greenwood branch for the license renewal. I took a number when I got there, 229, and they were only on 210. To kill time I wandered about, checking out the neighborhood. Turns out, it’s a really cool area.

When I finally made my way back to the license branch they were on 228. A few minutes later they called my number. I made my way to the counter and went about the business of renewning my license. He updated all of my info and told me it was a $35 fee. I thanked him, grabbed my wallet and handed him my credit card. He shook his head and said cash only.

75 minutes and two lines later I ended up with a temporary license with a promise that mine would be delivered in the mail sometime in the next few days.

All of this is kind of hazy as I can only really remember one thing.

No restrictions on my license.

I had Lasik surgery 2 years ago and had no problem passing the vision test for my license renewal. For the first time in 23 years, I don’t need glasses or contacts to drive.

It was defintely the high point of my week. There is nothing better than finally being able to see without glasses or contacts.

Later, I had a Pulled Pork sandwich at the Pig and Whistle that made a good day even better.



January 17, 2007

It snowed.


I worked and Michele didn’t.


OK. In truth, Michele was on call and ended up working all day from home. Working from home for her is definitely different than it is for me. I take conference calls to explain and validate random computer stuff. She has to diagnose a sick kid with nothing to go on but a frantic mother’s description of the symptoms.

Here are a couple of snow pictures from 7:00 am this morning.

Michele’s CivicsThe House

And of course, the trusty Number 26. Everything was moving slow so it was forty-five minutes late but as usual, a nice, relaxing ride to the office.

Metro 26



January 12, 2007

Last night it snowed.

Second snowstorm this winter. That’s on top of a wicked December windstorm and 15.63″ inches of rain in November.

It wasn’t the sort of snow that would phase a city used to such things. People in Pittsburgh probably wouldn’t even notice.

But here, it was a big storm. The roads were in rough shape the schools closed and anyone with a long commute probably didn’t make it into work.

We’ve been lucky all winter. The windstorm knocked our power out for 15 hours and the only damage from the rain in November (besides the blow to our mental well-being) was water in the basement a few times.

The windstorm did knock out the power at the clinic so Michele ended up with a week off of work. Fortunately/unfortunately, the #26 didn’t skip a beat and I didn’t miss a day of work. Damn you efficient Seattle Metro bus system!

Some of our friends got hit pretty hard in the windstorm. Many places on the east side were without power for a week. I guess that’s what you get for living on the other side of the bridge (shout out to my homies in Bothell and Kirkland).

And we’re only 10 weeks into the rainy season. Only 20 more weeks or so to go.