New Gig

March 8, 2007

I start a new job next Monday, March 12th.

I am going back to a company that I worked for when I first moved to Seattle. Last time around, I really liked the industry but I hated the company. After a year of long hours, late night phone calls and daily shouting matches, I finally decided to quit even though I didn’t have a new job.

But after that I did some consulting work with them that I really enjoyed. Then some friends and I started looking into ways to start our own company in a similar line of work. Things were moving along nicely when we hit a huge snag. The aforementioned company called in the lawyers and produced the Non-Compete agreements a few of the guys were still under. With barely enough money to get started, let alone fight a legal battle, we quickly caved. It’s a shame, we had a good amount of momentum.

Then about three months ago, I got an email from Dice.com.  Someone was asking for the details of my resume. I was a little shocked because I didn’t even realize my resume was active as I hadn’t been looking for jobs for almost two years.

I logged on to Dice and found it was my old company asking for my resume. I went ahead and released it thinking, “Well, that’ll entertain them”. The last time we’d spoken it had been via their attorney so I was relatively sure they wouldn’t be interested.

Well, they were.

In fact, they were really interested.

Long story short, I have a new job.

I’m kinda nervous because it’s a complex job that demands a lot. But I’m also excited. It’s a cool job, at least in terms of an IT job. I mean, it’s not cool like being a Lion Tamer, Stunt Pilot or Hand Model, but it’s still cool.

And maybe I’m a sucker for going back.

We’ll soon see.


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