The Pearl of the Adriatic

February 23, 2009

The Pearl of the Adriatic

The final leg of our honeymoon took us to Dubrovnik.

We caught a bus out of Split and headed southeast down the Adriatic Highway.  It was a beautiful, albeit hair-raising, five hour ride down the coast.  Each bend in the road gave us a new view that was even more beautiful than the one before.

Arriving in Dubrovnik, we found an apartment in the suburb of Lapad, about five miles outside of town.  It was a great little place atop a hill overlooking a small bay and cost around $80.00 a night.  It even had a trellis full of fresh grapes that you could snack on whenever the urge hit you.

Dubrovnik itself was about 10 minutes away by bus.  Even after reading account after account of it’s unique beauty, the first view of the city takes your breath away.  The entire city center is enclosed within protective walls and the architecture is exquisite.

We spent several days exploring the various sights about town.  It’s a small city, easily walkable and there are no lack of places to stop for a glass of wine to do some people watching.

One of the highlights is a walk around the city walls.  It costs around $5.00 and takes about 2 hours but is well worth it.  Not only do you get magnificant view after magnificant view, you also quickly figure out that while beautiful, the walls were built with protection in mind, with well placed cannons, towers and crossbow/arrow slits.

It was an excellent trip and then, to top it all off, on the last night, we stopped at a small restaurant we had walked by everyday while we were there and I had the best pesto I have ever had.  I think I would go back just for the Pesto.

Here are our pictures on Picasa.


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