At least he didn’t talk about screwing the cat

January 13, 2009

Henry Nichols is the founder of Broadcom, the integrated circuits manufacturer.  He is currently on the list list of Forbes richest 200 Americans with a fortune estimated to be over $2 Billion.

He’s a tough on crime kinda guy, donating millions to California ballot initiatives that attempt to strengthen the laws in the state.

Among other things, he’s also currently under indictment for felony drug distribution, conspiracy and securities fraud.

Recently, he’s been trying to keep a specific email he sent to his wife from being used as evidence.  And you know what? I don’t blame him.  If there was ever an email to fight for, it’s this one.


Now kids, if old Uncle Chuckling Monkey can just pass on one small bit of advice, it would be: DON’T SEND ANYTHING IN AN EMAIL THAT YOU WOULD NOT WANT TO BE SHOWN TO A ROOMFUL OF PEOPLE ON AN OVERHEAD PROJECTOR. In my current line of work, deep in the jungle, I see emails on a daily basis that astonish me.  Things that never should have been seen by anyone other that the author (and often not even them!) now exist in a hundred different places with attorneys drooling over the settlements they’ll bring.

(h/t to BoingBoing)



  1. Screwing the cat?

  2. He was so open in his email I was surprised he didn’t admit to a few more unsavory acts, especially with the whole ‘sex dungeon’ thing.

  3. Yeah, Jerry. Screwing the cat! Didn’t they teach you anything out there in Morgan County?

  4. Well, Gordon I did hear some rumblings sbout sheep, but I’m just a simple Wilburite. I leave the complicated stuff to the Gasburgians.

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