Not just Abba

January 7, 2009

Classic pictures of 1970’s Swedish Dance Bands.

For once I decided that I should learn a bit about that which I mock. I googled about a bit and learned that Dance Bands (Dansbands) are still a big thing in Sweden.  The matching outfits are the result of a tax code that only allows deductions if there are ‘Fantasy Costumes’ involved.

My favorites:

  • ake Lindh’s
  • Teddy Boys
  • Saints
  • Hick
  • Skip’z

Hopefully my friend Kristofer will eventually stumble across this post and enlighten me on Swedish Dance Bands.  After spending 30 minutes or so reading about them, now I want to go see one.


One comment

  1. Hey there,
    Next time you’re in Europe, you come to Sweden and I’ll take you to the “dansbands”! A bit like the country music of Sweden. I have to disappoint you, though, that they don’t look quite as nerdy as in the 70’s. Very popular in the north, where I live.
    See ya

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