December 14, 2008

In Saturday’s New York Times, Bill McGraw, a columnist for the Detroit Free Press, has a short opinion piece related to the current discussion on bailing out the automotive industry.  The article, When the Cars go Away, is a bleak piece about the decaying Industrial complex that was once home to the Packard Car Company.  Even though the company closed down in 1956, the complex is still there, serving as a reminder of what may happen if one or more of the big three goes under.

After reading the article, I went to google maps to see if I could get an aerial view of the old factory.  After a few minutes of surfing, I was not only able to see a satellite view of the plant, but a street view of the old campus and the surrounding areas.

Click here for the satellite view

Click here for the street view

It’s not a pretty picture.  I talked to my Dad about it and he says most of Detroit is like this.  I can only imagine what it will be like when (not if) the next big car company goes under.


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