25 Days

September 23, 2008

The gestation period for both ducks and mice is approximately 25 days.

This is also how long it has been since John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate.  Since then, she has not held a single press conference with the national media.

I’m with Andrew Sullivan.  If this is allowed to continue, we are no longer a working democracy.

However, there are others out there who probably disagree. If so, please let me know why you think this is allowable.



  1. Although I definately agree that she needs to hold a press conference, I fail to see how the lack of one constitutes the fact that we are no longer a working democracy. I read Sullivan’s page and still just don’t get it. Please explain. Again, I am not disagreeing, just looking for clarity.

  2. JB,

    I have thought about this for a couple of hours now, trying to decide if I really believe that this is a threat to democracy or if I am simply over reacting (as Andrew Sullivan tends to do). What I’ve come up with is this:

    There was some level of hyperbole in my statement.. She is a VP candidate, not a presidential candidate. Were she a presidential candidate, I would stick by my statement. I will amend it to state, ‘this precedence threatens our democracy’. Govenor Palin could conceivably be the president of the United State in the next four years. This is a position that (in theory) answers to the American People. Yet she refuses to take questions from the people. Yes, it is in the form of the press, an imperfect solution, but it’s the paradim we live in. People seem to forget, this country doesn’t belong to the politicians, this is OUR country, You know, ‘We the People’ and all of that. If we are no longer allowed to question those who deign to lead us, if we only get their talking points, then we have lost our ability to make reasoned decisions. And that is a threat to democracy.

    If you interviewed someone for a job and they refused to answers any questions, but instead handed you a transcript of their last interview, would you consider that reasonable?

    FWIW, my two cents.

  3. I would agree with most of your points but calling it a threat to our democracy is, in my opinion, a little overboard. Never before has information on candidates been as readily available as it is now and our democracy worked very well in “the dark ages”.

    Actually I probably would accept that transcript because I have to be the world’s worst interviewer!

  4. I thought it was a requirement to be stupid in order to be in government. Maybe she is afraid she might not qualify if she answers any questions….

  5. JB,

    Agreed, we made it through a Civil War, we’ll survive Sarah Plain. I was over the top.

    However, I reserve the right to retract my agreement if she somehow ends up as president and turns out to be a complete whackjob.

  6. Also, while I agree that info is more readily available than at anytime in the past, it is also much easier to manipulate the message, especially when there is little background info to begin with.

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