September 16, 2008

Our Honeymoon began in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. We flew an Airbus A330-200 from Seattle to Amsterdam Northwest/KLM then an A319 from Amsterdam direct to Zagreb. The flights were nice, much better than I expected. It was cramped but the crew was friendly and the food was actually pretty good. Getting a shoulder/neck massage at Schipol Airport (Amsterdam) helped (a LEGAL massage).

We left Seattle at 1:00 pm on Friday and were on the ground and through customs at Zračna Luka Airport in Zagreb by 2:00 pm the next day. We grabbed a cab for a 25 minute trip to the our hotel for 240 Kuna (about $50 dollars). There was a bus that would have only cost about $15.00 but we were exhausted and not quite sure where we were going so a taxi seemed like the best choice.

For most of the trip we stayed in relatively inexpensive lodging but we splurged in Zagreb. We stayed in a Junior Suite at the Palace Hotel right in the middle of the Old Town. It’s the oldest hotel in Zagreb and has a ton of Old World charm. We only stayed a few days but really enjoyed the experience.

Here’s a picture of the Palace Hotel from Flickr.

Picture courtesy of xinegasparac

Zagreb was a real treat. Driving into the city from the airport, you pass through the newer/outside ring of the city first. It’s the first ex-communist country I’ve been to and well, the outer ring looked like I would have expected. Large, dull, gray buildings with the graffiti that is ubiquitous throughout much of Europe. Then you pass over the Sava River and you’re in a completely different place.

The older/inner part of the city is an active, charming scene. It’s filled with people, mainly locals but plenty of tourists, milling from shop to shop, stopping for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine at one of the many sidewalk cafes while chatting with friends. And it’s not just your urban hipsters, it’s the whole family, Grandparents down through the smallest Grandchild. And everyone is eating (and I am not making this up) Ice Cream or Corn on the Cob.

We did not leave the middle of the city the entire time we were there. We spent all of our time in the medieval Upper Town and the newer Lower Town.

Here are some of our better pictures

I’ll post the pictures from the coast in the next few days.


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  1. Nice but I must tell you this. Taxi driver rip u off normal tax fare is 160 Kuna so thats 32 US. greeting from Zagreb.

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