Mt Rainier

September 13, 2008

Michele and I took advantage of the great weather by taking a trip to Mt Rainier.

I have a confession to make. This is my first trip to Mt Rainier. I’ve skied at Crystal Mountain, which is on the edge of the park, but that is as close as I had been.

Around here, Mt Rainier is simply, The Mountain. It towers over the landscape. At 14,410 feet, it is the 20th tallest mountain in the US and the 5th tallest in the Lower 48. However, its topographic prominence, or the measure of how much a mountain stands above the landscape around it, is the 4th highest in North America.

We left Seattle around Noon and even with a 30 minute traffic jam, were at the National Park by 2:45 pm. We drove up to the Lake Mowich campground which is at 4929 feet. There were a couple sections of road that got my heart beating, with a 1000 foot drop and no guardrail, but besides that, it was an easy drive.

The pictures are from Mowich Lake and the Spray Park Waterfall. This area is ~4 miles and 10,000 feet from the summit of Mt Rainier.

On the Google Maps photo, Mowich Lake is marked in green and the Spray Falls Trail in red.

Oh yeah, did I mention the fact that Mt Rainier is an active volcano?  The last eruptions were in the 1940’s and were fairly minor.  The last major eruption was around 1000 years ago.


One comment

  1. That is really pretty. Rick and I were just saying that we needed to go there the next time we’re out there.

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