Citizenship: Lesson 1

January 21, 2008

From the lovely folks over in the Clark County GOP. I knew that these Emails were making the rounds but I didn’t think they would actually be posted on an official Republican Party Web Site. Then again, I should never be surprised by anything in politics.


Here are the actual facts. Here they are again.

This is why we have the crop of politicians we have. People promoting bullshit information that comes from the demented mind of either some Fuck-Wit redneck with an eighth grade education, two divorces and a felony for assault or an Ivy-League graduate who can only get laid with the help of a couple hundred bucks or a bottle of GHB. These things twist and turn, convulsing into new facts that have even less of a basis in the truth. So many people read/hear these things then go to work the next morning and say, “Did you know Barack Obama is a half-brother to Osama Bin Laden?” It’s damned near hopeless.

And I have friends (on the left and the right but almost exclusively the right) that tell me – and I paraphrase – that ‘people in the middle have no passion’.

Oh really. This is the shit we have to deal with in ‘the middle’. We have to stand there while the diehards on both sides throw shit back and forth all around us, totally blinding us from the facts. And I know it comes from both sides, but this time around, disingenuous is too kind of a word for the rhetoric that comes from the right.


In short:

Don’t perpetuate this kind of slimeball bullshit. You are depriving the rest of us of our government.



  1. That’s an eye opener. It’s like when you watch those political ads, you know (or you think/hope) that they are taking real facts and just skewing them to make the opponent sound bad. In this case, they’re just making stuff up.

  2. Gee Joe, do you have some strong thoughts on this? It is the divisive politics that are ruining this country. I don’t understand why we can’t just elect someone and then unite behind them regardless of political affiliation or whether or not your guy won. That is why Ron Paul is the only hope for America. Just kidding. This guy’s supporters pop up everywhere and I think that they must really like the Kool_Aid!

  3. So I started writing a comment, but I decided to work on it later (after I reached page 3…)

    I will say that there are reasons behind the Ron Paul cool aid. He does have quite a few eye-brow raising (read nutty) ideas, but if you get out the old Republican hand-book
    it seems to me that he his the least loony of the bunch (party wise).
    Ironically, all the other candidates are from an “evolved” version of the party..

    That is not to say that I want him to run our country, but at least he brings up good points (only to be berated by the brilliant Jooleeanniii who demands he retract the idea that America might be provoking other countries) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD7dnFDdwu0

    Final Words
    President Should Understand Foreign Policy!!!!!!!!
    (domestic policy wouldn’t hurt either)

    Going to bed……. sad….but at least others feel my pain….

    Edwards 08

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