King County Website II

September 26, 2007

I first learned about the King County website from our new neighbor.

“Hey, did you know Kris Novoselic used to live in the house on the corner, the one right next to you?”

Later we asked our landlord if she’d ever met him. “Yeah, he was a nice guy, he helped us rescue some dogs we found while hiking in the Cascades. He adopted them and sent them to his farm out on the islands. He invited us to an album release party but we didn’t go, we felt like we were to old. I did watch him on Saturday Night Live once.”

(Click to Enlarge)


I’m not surprised. Sometimes when I’m in the backyard and the wind is blowing from the North, I can smell Courtney Love. It’s a faint scent, as she was probably only there once or twice, but the hint of raging maniacal suicide-inducing bitch is hard to get rid of.


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