The Original Grand Turismo

July 18, 2007

Sometime in the late 70’s, the French Director, Claude LeLouche, made a short film, Rendezvous, that mostly consists of a (illegal) high-speed drive through Paris at dawn. He was arrested after the film was released but the Commissaires only held him for a couple of hours.

The film is a breath-taking drive. The high-speeds down the wider boulevards is cool but the slower drive through the twisted streets is much better. The engine noise when the driver downshifts is almost musical.

Of course, if someone had been killed in the filming, I’d probably be singing a different song.

Rendezvou, by Claude LeLouche

I made a similar film in my Dad’s ‘78 Olds Delta 88 back in Monrovia that was almost as exciting. We didn’t have a camera or a camera mount so we had Eric Brown hang out the window with the video camera from the AV Room. The part where I barely missed Doug Baker’s dog, Brownie, would have made you jump out of your seat.  And the cruise down Car Wash Road was like something out of one of the better episodes of Dukes of Hazzard.

Unfortunately, my brother taped over it with a neighborhood dunk contest on an 8′ rim.



  1. there is nothing better than an 8 foot rim…and a bunch of dudes thinking they are cool for doing 360 dunks on it.

  2. PS – please post said dunk contest. If you need help converting it from VHS to a video file, let me know…I have the kit.

  3. Never drive across car wash road when it is about 0 degrees and you are with greg potter in his dads pickup that didnt have any defroster,the water freezes very quickly on a cold windshield

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