Michele’s Nemesis

July 16, 2007



Plus (+) this


Equals (=) this


An unusually wet June has brought an onslaught of Slugs.

Michele has taken their invasion as a personal affront. First, they turned the freshly planted flowers in the front yard into a (presumably tasty) Zinnia Dahlia Salad. A few weeks later, the Impatiens in the backyard met a similar fate, the night after they were planted.

First, she went after them with some Sluggo. However, the Slugs refused to play their part and they did not Go. Next up was individual copper rings around each plant. Somehow or another, Slugs and copper combine for some sort of electric chair style death, at least as far as I understand it. This plus the Sluggo seemed to do an OK job of deslugging the yard but a few of the slimy bastards still made it through(see sample above, complete with a copper ring barrier that the that the slug went all Andy Dufresne on). Once the Slug made it through the copper barrier, Michele had seen enough. Suddenly, the woman who once didn’t want a slug within three feet of her was actively searching for them to throw in her toxic milk jug (water and dish detergent) where they are currently suffering a long, painful, Sarlacc-style death.



  1. Chris has been putting cat food cans filled with vegetable oil in our back yard. Apparently that attracts the slugs and then gives them a coronary??

  2. I’ve heard that ducks eat slugs. Maybe you could buy a duck? 🙂
    I also read that putting bundt cake pans filled with beer or salt water around the plant will work. I’m guessing the bundt pans would make things a bit unsightly, thus eliminating the whole point of flowers.

  3. Dugg for the Andy Dufresne reference. Best. Movie. Ever.

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