The Typo

July 1, 2007

When I first moved to Seattle, I got a job at a place that dealt with electronic documents for the legal community. For some projects, we had to run a ‘curse term filter’ to identify offensive language that could harm/help a case.

We got a new project in that called for one of these searches. We ran the terms against their documents and an analyst reviewed the results. She read through the usual assortment of dirty jokes and spam emails (Miracle Penis Enlarging Cereal!) before coming to something that looked like a standard business document. She read through it a few times trying to figure out why it had gotten swept up with the other questionable docs. Suddenly she burst out laughing.

Still laughing, she called us a couple of us over and had us try to figure out why the document got flagged. I had to read it twice before I saw it.

(Click Document to Enlarge)




  1. OK I give up

  2. I used to live on that street.

  3. JB,

    I will be assisting you with this later.

  4. Jerry,
    I am currently shaking my fist at you,
    assking you why you don’t understand…


  5. what is the best position to adopt whilst assisting him?

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