Miami Vice

June 7, 2007

Manny really likes Miami Vice.

Back in 1984, Miami Vice was one of the hottest things happening in the entertainment business. It was one of the top shows on television and it’s soundtrack was the number one record on the charts for 12 consecutive weeks, the record for a TV soundtrack. People actually liked ‘In the Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins. And man, Crockett and Tubbs were it, they were everywhere. The hottest tuxedo at my Junior Prom was the Miami Vice Line.

The hype wore thin quick and a few years later the show faded away. The whole thing kind of became a caricature of itself. Today, I think some people think of the whole thing as classic 80’s cheese.

It’s clips like this that remind me of how cool the show was the first few years. It was TV 2.0.

(And the black Ferrari is much better then the Red Ferarri later on. That may have actually been when the show Jumped the Shark.)


One comment

  1. That clip was seriously…so. damn. good.

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