The Indianapolis 500 part duex

June 5, 2007

If you didn’t watch it, this year’s Indianapolis 500 was even more exciting than usual. There was a ton of on-track passing and 23 lead changes. The race only went 166 laps due to rain but that didn’t take much away from it. Watching the sudden change in strategy when the teams realized the rain was coming almost offset the early finish.

I was lucky enough to get hold of some close-up images of the race. Here’s the race winner, Dario Franchetti, crossing the finish line in the middle of a downpour.


Some mid-race action with #11 Tony Kanaan, #3 Helio Castroneves, #27 Dario and #6 Sam Hornish Jr.


#6 Tim Hereyford in close pursuit of #1 Joe Grindstaff.

Joe and Tim

#26 Terry Swift, thrilled to complete a lap without being put in the wall. He obviously doesn’t realize that Hawey “The Hammer” Wells is closing fast behind him.

Terry Hawey

The eyes of a true racer, #89 Mike Scott.


Dario in Victory Lane with his wife, Ashley Judd. Congratulations Dario.

Dario and Ashley


One comment

  1. Joe,

    I am actually in the picture that you have of the finish!

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