The New Mower

May 23, 2007

Is global warming real? I think so.

Around here, we’re trying to do what we can to decrease our carbon footprint. Not as much as we could be but we’re definitely conscious of our energy usage.

And you know what? Even if global warming turns out to be the ‘Greatest Hoax ever Perpetrated against Mankind’, I still thinks it’s important to try and limit the energy you use. You’re saving money, lessening our dependence on foreign oil, and cutting down on CO2 emissions (you can see the layer of noxious, yellow smog hanging over Seattle on a bad day).

And if it’s real? Well then, Good Luck Kids!

All of that to get to this.


The new mower.

It takes 3 – 4 times longer to mow the yard than it did with the gas powered lawn mower. However, since a gas powered mower emits 10x+ the amount of CO2 as a automobile, for me, it’s worth the extra time to use the manual push mower. You even get some extra exercise out of the deal.

If you have a large yard, this is obviously not a solution for you. But that’s OK. I’ll use a push mower, you keep your gas powered mower. I know you can find another place around the house where you can save some energy.

Note: When I posted this, I incorrectly referred to exhaust as Carbon Dioxide (CO2). It is actually Carbon Monoxide (CO)



  1. It seems that you’ve incorrectly quoted an article that was itself in error. The article states that a mower emits 10x as much hydrocarbon as an automobile. Actually neither emit hydrocarbons. They burn hydrocarbons (gasoline) as fuel, and emit, among other things, Carbon Dioxide. Both your car and your mower emit 26 lbs of co2 per gallon of gasoline burned. Your mower will burn many more gallons of gasoline per mile than your automobile will. Still you probably only burn one or two gallons of gas in you mower each week as compared to 10 or 20 in your automobile. I’ll stick to my gasoline mower for now. 🙂

  2. Dewy,

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post and respond to it. That said, I believe you completely missed the gist of what I was saying.

    Hopefully I’ll have a few minutes this evening to reply in more detail.


  3. Sometimes, I just leave my gas grill, lawn mower, Hummer, weedwacker, and all my computers on while I fly a 4 segment flight to Baltimore and back. Cancel all you fools out.

  4. I don’t really buy into the global warming panic, but I do agree that it’s good to save energy, if nothing else than because it means more money in my pocket. BUT, I have a half acre and there’s no way it can be mowed without a gas powered machine.
    It’s a bit ironic though, because just the other day when I was push mowing our front yard I wondered how much harder it would be to do it with the type of mower you’re using. Finding out that it takes that much longer is a great thing to know! Thanks!

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