New York City

April 26, 2007

Quick hits from the Big Apple.

*If a limo service tells you the fee is $65 plus tolls plus tip, that means the tip is not optional. It’s actually $75 + tolls. Oh. Make sure you’re only paying for the tolls TO your destination. You don’t want to pay an extra $16 for the limo to get back to the airport.

*Dude. Drinking a Margarita in a jumbo size Martini glass doesn’t make you look hip and cool. It makes you look like a goober.

*Yuengling is not a micro brew. Oldest Brewery in America or not, it’s still just another blase Lager

*New York is not as casual as Seattle but there are still a lot of people wearing blue jeans and T-Shirts.

*Sports bars in Lower Manhattan play the same Classic Rock as Sports Bars in Lower Indianapolis.

*With the crazy-ass price of real estate around here, you’d think Embassy Suites would ditch the Atrium idea. It’s nice (?) but there are 200 rooms of unused space between me and the ground floor.

*Regardless, it’s still NYC, one of the most interesting/amazing places I’ve ever seen.


One comment

  1. Was hoping for some pics…maybe those will come later.

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