Keith Richards

April 5, 2007

“Keith won’t be doing a lot of publicity for this movie”

Really.  You guys didn’t think about this before you hired him?

Hello!  It’s KEITH FREAKING RICHARDS.  You know, the guitarist for the Rolling Stones, the one who looks like death incarnate?  The guy that threatened to slit Mick’s throat if he toured without them?  The one that needed brain surgery after getting too wasted and falling out of a tree last year?  The guy who will outlive cockroaches in the horrid event of a nuclear catastrophe?

You didn’t hire Mick, kids, you hired Keith.  And if you really thought he’d play along and do promotional work on your movie without the occasional hijinks, well, then you didn’t really put any thought into it beforehand.

This is the guy you hired:


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