Reminded again that Pearl Jam was right

April 3, 2007

Last night I went online to buy tickets for a Mariners game. I bought twelve tickets and got dinged for a $3.25 service charge per ticket. Then on top of that was an additional overall order processing charge of $3.32. To complicate things even more, I realized I had miscounted the number of people going. I was two tickets short. So I called today and got two more tickets (and got hit with 2 more service charges and another processing fee. Son-of-a….) from an admittedly nice, efficient agent. Hopefully they pay well.

After he found me two more seats right next to the twelve I’d bought the night before, he asked me how I wanted them shipped. He then began listing off the various shipping rates. I politely interrupted him and said standard mail was fine, as I knew it was free.

“No problem,” he said. “Though are you sure you don’t want me to just email them to you and you can print them yourself? It’s only $2.00.”

Argghh. Shipping is free but email is $2.00. I use my paper and my printer and you save on raw materials, printing and shipping costs and you not only don’t pass on the break, you profit from it.

Screw you. I’ll go to another ticketbroker.

Oh yeah. I can’t.

On the upside, we’re going to have a blast at the game.

Total Ticketmaster Fees: $52.14


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