Chutneys’ Bistro

March 7, 2007

Earlier today, I had some of the best Indian food I’ve ever eaten.

I’ve probably went by Chutneys’ a couple of hundred times since I moved here and probably half of those times I’ve thought to myself, “I should eat there sometime.”

Well, I finally went and it was delicious.

I went ahead and had the Lunch Buffet for $9.95. I started out with a Caesar Salad. I don’t normally get a Caesar at a buffet because you run the risk of soggy croutons if it’s sat there too long. No problem here. The salad had a nice light dressing with nice crunchy croutons. The romaine didn’t look as fresh as it could have but it tasted fine.

Once I finished my salad, I grabbed my lunch plate and got to work. I sampled the Tandoori Chicken, Coco Chicken, Roasted Peppers and Onions, Basmati Rice, Meatballs Masala (yup, meatballs) and some kind of potato dish, accompanied by hot Nan Bread.

Both the Tandoori and Coco Chicken were excellent. The Coco chicken was cooked in a nice Yellow Curry Sauce with Coconut that may make me change my mind about dishes with Coconut. The Tandoori chicken was large, whole pieces of chicken, perfectly done so with little grease yet the meat almost fell off the bone it was so tender and juicy. I only tried a couple of the meatballs and while they were good, it was the Masala Sauce that really defined that dish. I used it for a dipping sauce for the bread and it was such a great combo, I could probably have an entire meal of Nan Bread and Masala Sauce.

As for the bread, it was fantastic. Much better than the typical dry, tasteless bread you get at your typical Indian Buffet/Restaurant.

The rice and pepper/onion combo were good. Nothing special, just good, light tasting, solid dishes. I was less enamored of the potatoes which seemed to be suffering from a long stay at the buffet. The flavor was OK but they were a little too mushy.

I topped all of this off with an Indian Beer, Taj Mahal. As good as the food was, this beer was bad. Just another typical Asian Lager.

Beyond the food, the service was a prompt and attentive but then again, it was a buffet so it’s hard to really say. The atmosphere was great, with a nice, subdued Indian motif.

I definitely recommend Chutneys’. We will be back soon.

Chutneys’ Bistro
1815 N 45th Street
Seattle WA 98103
(Right across from the Wallingford QFC in the Wallingford Center)




  1. Not having too many Indian restaurants around here, I did a basic search for recipes in case I want to try to make something. I found this newsgroup.
    From there, I found this site and the second one cracked me up.

    I think I’ll just try to find an Indian restaurant around here.

  2. …there are drugs in Tandoori chicken…some sort of drugs that make each bite better than the last…and no matter how many you eat, you just don’t get full. I can only hit Indian when it is all-you-can-eat…or I would spend my paycheck on Tandoori.

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