These United States

March 1, 2007

Can you name all fifty states in 10 minutes? I got 49 out of 50.

Name all Fifty States



  1. Ugh, I forgot Delaware. I even started going through them alphabetically/phonetically but completely forgot that one.

  2. I missed Arkansas

  3. DAMN YOU! I was going to be productive today, but instead I had to practice until I got all 50.
    Now I can do it in 5 minutes, but it took a while…

  4. I work with someone who got them all with 6.5 minutes left. Of course, he’s head of sales so he just went by each state in everyone’s territory.

  5. So District of Columbia is not a state. I thought I got them all, but I missed Rhode Island (too small to remember). Not bad for a Swede, though.

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