Waiting in Line

February 25, 2007

On my way into the office on Tuesday morning I noticed a couple of kids hanging out in lawnchairs at Niketown on the corner of 6th and Pike. As the week went by, more kids showed up until it looked like this on Friday morning:

Line at Nike

I finally walked over to the kids at the front of the line and asked what they were doing. It turns out they were waiting for the release of the newest pair of Nikes which were ‘released’ at Midnight Friday.

Wow. Waiting in line for the newest shoes. When I was younger I waited in line for concert tickets a couple of time but that’s because (obviously) the best seats go to the people in the front on the line. I can’t imagine that the people in the front of this line get any better shoes than the people who wait until 9:00 am the next morning but maybe I’m wrong? Could be that the first hundred pair give their owner amazing powers like flight, the ability to walk on water or super hearing. Who knows? And while waiting in line for shoes isn’t my thing, well, to each their own. They could be spending their time in a lot of worse ways.

After I talked to the kids in line, I turned and waited at the cross walk for the light to change. A lady who had seen me talking to the kids in turn asked me what they were doing. When I told her she said something like, “Well my goodness. I just assumed it was some kind of protest against Sweatshops.” (This is Seattle after all).

Did I mention that every kid I saw in line was of Asian origin?

The irony is delicious.


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  1. There is an episode of Entourage centered around this very thing.

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