Superbowl Champs

February 7, 2007


They finally did it.

23 years of futility erased by beating the Bears 29 – 17 in Superbowl XVI.

This makes up for the the 1 – 15 season, the three 3 – 13 seasons, the two 4 – 12 seasons and the 5 – 11 season. It makes up for Jeff George, Ron Myers, Linde Infante and Sean Dawkins. The holdouts by Jeff George and Eric Dickerson? Both forgotten. The 41 – 0 loss to the Jets in the first round of the playoffs? It’s like it never happened. The years of domination by the Patriots? Ahh, no big thing.

The game itself was pretty sloppy. Turnovers and special teams errors by the Colts could have been deadly, but fortunately, the Bears Offense had nothing for the Indianapolis Defense.

The Colts offense wasn’t as spectacular as it’s been in the past but still scored 29 points against the best Defense in the league (as least statistically).

I do wish Edge was there. (And maybe, somehow, someway, Reggie Miller?)

In honor of their win, here’s my first try with embedded video. I found it on You Tube. (I was happily surprised that the song was All Kinds of Time by Fountains of Wayne)


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