No Fun League

February 2, 2007

The NFL has threatened to sue a church in Indianapolis, Indiana to prevent them from showing the game to their congregation on a widescreen television.

What a joke. I don’t care if it is (as they claim) an infringement of copyright law. As long as no one is making money, what difference does it make that 200 people are watching the game on one TV as opposed to 200 TVs? What’s even worse, the NFL gives an exception to bars. They can show the game AND charge at the door.

What arrogance. It’s not enough that almost 50% of the country sits down to watch the game, they want to mandate where you sit down to watch the game. What’s next? Licenses to have Superbowl Parties?

Screw them, I say. Show the game. Let the NFL deal with the horrid press that will come if they initiate lawsuits.


One comment

  1. I hope they DO watch the game just so we can see to what lengths the NFL will go to destroy everyone’s fun. Originally the church was going to charge $$ to cover the cost of snacks during the game but they even agreed to not do that. The NFL still threatened them. Between this and the fact that they can’t seem to come up with disability insurance for former players, they’re coming across pretty negatively.

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