Stacking Rocks

February 1, 2007

I drove down to Fremont last night to get a haircut.

I found a parking space down by the Ship Canal, just south of Brouwers. I walked up to the 7-11 to get some cash, crossed back across 36th and headed towards Rudy’s Barbershop.

I crossed Phinney and headed down the sidewalk. Suddenly I realized where I was.

“Damn. I hope he’s not here.”

I had stumbled into the realm of the Rock Stacker.

Almost everytime I’m down in that part of Fremont, he’s there. Usually, he’s diligently stacking up rocks in the strip of grass/dirt between the sidewalk and the street. It’s ‘art’ I suppose. I certainly couldn’t do it. He’s definitely a master at coaxing rocks to sit on top of each other in ways that seem to defy physics.

This time, I couldn’t see him anywhere, but that didn’t mean anything. He’s an expert at blending in with the shadows. There were a lot of rocks lying about but I didn’t see any ‘sculptures’. Maybe he wasn’t around?

I made it about halfway to Rudy’s when I saw him. He was sitting on the steps in an alcove just off the sidewalk. He had a harmonica in his mouth (no hands) and was staring at me. As I walked by him, I nodded my head, ‘hello’. He took a few quick breaths through the harmonica.

“Wheeze, whaaze, wheeze, whaaze.”

Once I passed by, he took the harmonica out of his mouth and shouted at me unintelligibly for a few seconds. He then retreated back into the alcove.

I never really know what to think of the guy. I appreciate the street art but for the most part, he comes across as a real ass. You get the idea he really doesn’t like you walking down his section of the sidewalk.

Oh, and contrary to article I linked to above, he’s still stacking rocks.


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