January 23, 2007

Michele, Manny and I are making some beer.

I’ve made beer a handful of times in the past, back in college and more recently out on Vashon. It’s relatively easy to do in small batches as long as you don’t mind a lot of washing.

We’re trying a Porter this time around. The recipe is a malt extract/whole grain combo that adds hops for boiling and then again for finishing. All in all the whole process took about 7 hours but a lot of that time was taken up by re-learning the beer making process. It didn’t help that the learning process was slowed down by beer drinking. You can’t make beer unless you’re drinking beer can you?

I used to steer away from Porter’s due to their dark color. Nothing racist, I just like Ales more than Stouts. Since I started drinking more of them, they’ve become one of my favorite types of beer, especially the Northwest style which tends to be a little hoppier than normal.

The hops were in pellet form.


We used Tettnang and Fuggle Hops for boiling and finishing


Now it sits in the fermenter while we wait. In a couple of days we’ll move it to a carboy for a couple of weeks then it’ll be time to bottle. We should be drinking the beer in 6 weeks.



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