January 12, 2007

Last night it snowed.

Second snowstorm this winter. That’s on top of a wicked December windstorm and 15.63″ inches of rain in November.

It wasn’t the sort of snow that would phase a city used to such things. People in Pittsburgh probably wouldn’t even notice.

But here, it was a big storm. The roads were in rough shape the schools closed and anyone with a long commute probably didn’t make it into work.

We’ve been lucky all winter. The windstorm knocked our power out for 15 hours and the only damage from the rain in November (besides the blow to our mental well-being) was water in the basement a few times.

The windstorm did knock out the power at the clinic so Michele ended up with a week off of work. Fortunately/unfortunately, the #26 didn’t skip a beat and I didn’t miss a day of work. Damn you efficient Seattle Metro bus system!

Some of our friends got hit pretty hard in the windstorm. Many places on the east side were without power for a week. I guess that’s what you get for living on the other side of the bridge (shout out to my homies in Bothell and Kirkland).

And we’re only 10 weeks into the rainy season. Only 20 more weeks or so to go.


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