January 12, 2007

On Saturday, the Colts play the Ravens in the playoffs.

Last year, they got beat by Pittsburgh in the second round after winning their first 13 games in the regular season.

It was a miserable end to the season, even more complicated by the sad, sad suicide of the son of Tony Dungy, the head coach. How in the world were those guys able to prepare for that game?

For the fans, it was crushing. This was our year. The year we were going to be paid back for Antonio Davis’s phantom foul against Larry Johnson in the 1999 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. For the touchdown pass the Steelers Kordell Stewart caught after STEPPING OUT OF BOUNDS. Calbert Cheney fouling out in the 1992 Final Four against Duke. The Superbowl win was going to be the reward for our long, silent suffering.

The game was crazy.  We sucked, then we didn’t suck.  The Steelers were awesome, the Steelers made huge mistakes. Peyton was genius Peyton, Peyton was pouting Peyton. Tthe refs made bad calls against both teams, time ran down and and WHAM. Colts lined up for a field goal to tie at the end of regulation. Record setting kicker ready to go.

Not even close.

Talk about a knife in the heart.

It still pains me to think about it.

Here we go again.


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