Using the Internets

January 8, 2007

This is my second shot at “blogging”.

(Yeah, I hate the word ‘blogging’ but whattya gonna do? It is what it is.)

Late 2005, I built my own website. It was nothing but a blog and photos. I used BBlog for the blog and Gallery for the photos. For a host, I used IX Webhosting.




I had no real experience with building a webpage and for the most part, it was pretty easy to get everything up and running. It took maybe 2 – 3 nights. I put up a couple of hundred photos and one week worth of blog entries.

Then my girlfriend and I moved in together. The webpage sat there unchanged until October or so when it quietly quit working.

14 months later and I’m going to try again.

I am not going to use IX webhosting again unless their price has dropped considerably. I was paying $20.00 a month. Right now they’re advertising $4.00 a month but I don’t know what all that involves. I’ll let you know what I find out.

I’ll probably use Gallery 2.0 for photos.

I’m using WordPress.com for this blog and I’ll probably use it for my site. This blog is hosted by wordpress and it’s free. So far I like it.


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